Fastening Tools

Tap and Die Set

Spiral Flute Extractor

Bolt Grip Fastener Remover

Pipe Hand Taps

Straight Flute Screw Extractor

Tap Wrench Ratchet

Hammers & Striking Tools

Engineers Hammer

Chisels and Punches

Ball Pen Hammer

Copper Hammer

Din Hammer

Plastic Hammer

Sledge and Club Hammer

Metal Working Tools

Knife and Blades

Handsaw Blades

Snips and Shears & Bolt Cutter


Handsaw Frame

Wire Cutter


Water Pump Plier

Pliers – Main

Nose Plier

Revolving Hollow Punch Pliers


Circlip Plier

Combination Plier

Locking Plier

Screwdriver and Accessories

Torx Head Screwdriver

Screwdrivers set

Multi Bit Screwdriver

Pozy Head Screwdriver

Screwdriver Bits & Accessories

Flat Head Screwdriver

Nut Driver

Phillips Head Screwdriver

Wood Working Tools

Wood Chisel

Hand Saw

Hand Planer


Wrenches – Main

Wrench Set

Construction Wrench

Offset Ring Wrench

Open End Wrench

Socket Wrench

Slogging Ring Wrench

Ratcheting Wrench

Torque Tools

Torque Multiplier and Adaptor

Torque WrenchTorque Wrench